On Vision, And Not The Metaphorical Kind

Dear Future Publisher,

It’s like being a child again, full of wide-eyed wonder at the world.

The trees, even the ones in the distance, have distinct individual leaves that move with the touch of the wind.

There is depth to the world.

Patterns crystallize into their true form, with each detail vivid and bright.

Words spring forward, easy to read even at a great distance, sharp and precise and legible.

Houses have roof tiles and brick work and delicate wreaths on the door.

People’s faces are masterpieces of individuality, with little wrinkles and freckles and other textural oddities that don’t disappear into the flesh-toned blur of obscurity.

It’s that new glasses feeling.

I am sufficiently near-sighted that, in the event of a zombie apocalypse, I would be dead faster than you can say myopia.  The vulnerability would be too great.  Without my glasses on, I wouldn’t be able to tell friend from foe.  Hell, I wouldn’t be able to tell rock from foe, unless it was about arm’s length away.  Everything is just a blur of colours and shapes.  (But it’s okay, because the optometrist has promised to be part of our post-apocalyptic community and make us lenses, so there).

I’ve had glasses since the fourth grade, and every time it is astonishing.  The vision goes a little at a time, but it’s returned to you all at once.  You don’t always notice it slipping away – not at first, at least, not until you start to struggle to read road signs or see detail at a distance.  You just adjust to the farthest thing you can see being closer without really being aware.  And then someone gives you magic lenses, and the world seems so much bigger and so much clearer than it was before.  You can see things you forgot to miss, because you hadn’t known that they were missing.  You have a new appreciation for the gift of sight, and for all the little details your glasses enable you to see.  The difference can be small, but it can also be phenomenal.  And every time, I feel grateful to have access to the lenses that make the world clear, and enable me to live the life I want.

The world is new.




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