On Books I Have Loved: Harry Potter

Dear Future Publisher,

With Harry Potter and the Cursed Child coming out in print in less than a week, there seems to be no better time to write of my love for the Harry Potter series.  I’m sure it’s unsurprising to you, given what a phenomenon the series has been and given that I was a young avid reader in the target demographic when the first one was released.  I was seven when the first book came out, and from that time until this, with no reprieve and no abatement, I have been obsessed.  My mom read it to me first – to me and my sister, curled up all in a bed at night before dispersing to our separate rooms and turning out the lights. She read and I closed my eyes and let the words transport me and I saw it all.  It was so vivid, so magical.  So captivating.  I was hooked. Continue reading


On the Construction Site

Dear Future Publisher,

Writing a book is like building a house – it is done in stages, beginning with the skeleton, and then adding layer after layer to that frame (walls, a roof, cabinets, stairs, and then paint, trim, decorative features), building and rebuilding and finishing and refinishing and decorating and redecorating until the end product is complete and beautiful and right. Continue reading

On Baldness and the Triumphant Return

Dear Future Publisher,

Did you miss me?

I know I disappeared for a while, and I hope you will forgive my negligence.  I found it unsustainable to continue blogging while drafting.  I had only so many words a day to give and I wanted and needed to give those to my WIP.  Apparently I am not a bottomless trough of unmitigated genius (alack and alas).  At the end of a long day of drafting, I felt completely unequal to writing more words.  I had used them all.

The good news, of course, is that I’ve finished drafting.  The first draft of the current WIP is complete (hurrah!) at 122,419 words (which is way too many words for this project), and I am all set to begin the long process of extensive revisions and pulling my hair out while questioning my life decisions.  And during that process, I plan to use any spare words to re-enter this world of blogging if and when I can – to save some words, dear, dear publisher, for you.

So, I’m back!  They say that distance makes the heart grow fonder – do you think it’s true?