On Shearing and Digging for Gold

Dear Future Publisher,

It’s update time.

I am about halfway through my first round of revisions.  There’s a lot of muck to sift through but it might be flecked with gold.  Now I just have to piece those valuable little flakes together into something substantial that shines. Continue reading


On Murder Most Foul

Dear Future Publisher,

I slash and pierce, wielding my weapon with fatal precision.  A bloom of red trails behind it, like the wake of a boat, marking its deadly passage through the crowd.  I slice, I mince, I sever.

I laugh.

It is satisfying to watch these soldiers fall.

Once, I loved them.  Maybe I still do. Continue reading

On the Olympics

Dear Future Publisher,


I love the Olympics.

Like, really love the Olympics.

I don’t like (most) sports.  Especially the ones for which people get paid obscene amounts of money.  I find it impossible to sustain interest over the course of a whole season.  So the compressed nature of the Olympics, the fact that results are immediate or nearly immediate and the whole thing is over before you blink – that suits me.

But the real reason I love the Olympics, the real reason it draws me in and inspires a nearly obsessive focus in me, is that the Olympics are a hotbed of narrative possibility. Continue reading