On Progress and Polish

Dear Future Publisher,

One down.

Today I finished my first round of edits on the WIP.  I’m down almost 8000 words, which, as I’ve expressed before, is a really big deal for me.  And more importantly, of the remaining words (all 114,803 of them), a higher percentage are now good words, and fewer are poor words that need to be eviscerated and die a miserable death.  I am far happier with the manuscript as a whole, have mended some problematic scenes and deleted some unnecessary ones, and can see the complete picture more clearly.  It is a book.  It works.

Of course, there’s more to be done.  There are a few scenes that I still hate, and haven’t decided how to fix.  There are some scenes that need to be taken out, but I was too attached and hesitant and couldn’t bring myself to do it on the first pass.  There are some scenes that I adore, that show great promise, but that need just a little tweak, a spot of polish, to make them really sing.

But it’s a start, and seeing the positive impact editing makes on the whole manuscript encourages me.  It gives me faith in my own capabilities and in the worth of the work I am doing.  I find editing difficult, but I am getting better at it, it is getting easier, and more and more I appreciate the process.  I see what it can do to a jumble of not-quite-right words.  I see how it can make all the difference, and that makes me eager to begin.  To flip to that first page, and start over with my paint and polish, and use the tools available to me to make this manuscript the best it can be.

And then, when it’s ready, I can share it with you.





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